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See Us At The Dog Lovers Show and Win!

Wowzers! – Already 10.5 pooch years have passed since the last Dog Lovers Show in Sydney!! That means another Poochie Paradise of Dog Lover’s Show fun at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, on the 4th and 5th of August is just a sniff away.

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Why Scruffy Shouldn't Share the Smarties

We have all been there. Trying to quietly peel back the wrapper of our favourite chocolate indulgence so Scruffy doesn’t hear it and come charging around the corner to pout, glare and want to share… After all, who can resist that face, right? When it comes to chocolate, you should!

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Choose Wisely, Choose Blackdog!

​ We have been around the Pet industry for a very long time here at Blackdog. Well, not all of us, but most of us. Before we came about to revolutionize the way treats were sold in pet specialty stores in Australia, our parent company was making top quality healthy pet products for the grocery industry… and they still are.

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Does Size Really Matter?

We have all had a giggle at the sight of a dog trying to carry a stick as big as a log, unsuccessfully, but refusing to leave the treasure behind…. Well,

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We Love the Dog Lover's Show

Another great Dog Lovers Show has finished for the year, and of course we loved every minute of it!

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Butt Scooting Poochie

It is often the source of a good chuckle for many households, especially those with children, when we see Barkly scooting his bum along the carpet or grass with a bit of an embarrassed look on his face. Once the giggles calm down and poor old Barkly is no longer the “butt of the joke”...

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Old Favourites with New Tricks

It seems as though dog biscuits have been around since the dawn of time, as a means to treat, occupy, and even train your furry family members. Since that almost prehistoric time however, has anything really changed with the ‘good old fashioned’ dog biscuit? Put quite simply, No…… until now.

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