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New Product Alert: Cannabics

31 October 2018

Another totally rad addition to the Blackdog range is our highly functional, superfood biscuit Cannabics.

The first of its kind made in Australia, Blackdog Cannabics contain Hemp Seed Oil & Hemp Seed Protein, which have amazing health benefits never before derived all from a single ingredient.

Our new bikkies contain the ideal ratios of essential oils and amino acids, and are a huge source of essential fatty acids responsible for the lustre in skin, hair, eyes and even thought processes. They also have the perfect Omega 3 to 6 ratio associated with anti- inflammatory function, brain and heart health.

Not to be confused with the illegal use of Cannabinoids found in medicinal marijuana for dogs, that contain the psychoactive component called THC, our Cannabics pack very similar health related benefits without Fido wanting to play Bob Marley and start wearing flares…. However with these bikkies, he will always have the munchies!!