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    Something Smells Fishy!

    01 October 2018

    Fish oil and omega-3’s; you often hear these words being thrown around all the time. In humans, we generally associate omega-3 with all things health, so just what is the hype around it, and what benefits do they provide to our pets?

    What are Omega-3’s?

    Omega 3’s are a group of fatty acids, of which there are 3 types commonly associated with metabolism and good health – often referred to as “the good fats”. In particular, two of these, EPA and DHA have been the subject of many clinical trials supporting their health giving properties in humans, as well as dogs.

    Which Blackdog treats contain Omega-3’s?

    Here at Blackdog HQ, we want to make sure that the treats we supply are naturally packed with as many nutrients as possible. The biggest source of Omega 3’s are our Fish products, which include the ever-popular Shark Cartilage, Flake Fillets and Fish & Chicken Sushi.

    Our oven baked biscuit range is also loaded with the good stuff, and not to be left out, some of our meat based treats, such as Kangaroo products are also a great source of the fatty acids. Consisting of jerkies, sticks, and bone chews, there are plenty of fantastic options to feed and treat your pooch.

    Show me the money….or at least show me the evidence!

    There have been a vast array of scientific studies conducted on the benefits of omega 3 fish oils for pets, establishing how they categorically aid with such things as arthritis, skin conditions, allergies, kidney function, heart disease, cognitive function and many, many more.

    As they say, variety is the spice of life, and for a dog, it is equally important that they be given variety in their food. Sometimes it is not viable to change their main food source, but you can reward your pooch by giving them a variety of treats.

    See, not all fats are the enemy!