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    Christmas No-go’s for your Dogs!

    14 December 2020

    As the festive season sneaks up on us, it’s time we all dive into our storage and bring out that large box filled with Christmas decorations that we might not use all of, and get into the Christmas spirit! Get ready to prep the house and make it rein with treats, décor and delicious food!

    Christmas is coming about, and it’s that time of the year where we all get to eat to our hearts content and over indulge in all things sweet and savory. At Blackdog, we introduce a list foods that your furry pal cannot eat and what you, as a pet parent should look out for on this festive day!

    1. Chocolate

    The yummy, good ole’ cocoa treat that is so hard to resist actually contains theobromine which is a component that is found in the cacao plant and is highly toxic to dogs. As chocolate contains high fat content, consuming too much can trigger pain and cause an inflammation of the pancreas.

    So why can we eat so much of it and our dogs can’t?

    Dogs are unable to detoxify this as fast as we can thus avoiding chocolate is always a must. Dogs with theobromine poisoning may experience vomiting, diarrhea, excessive urination, a racing heart rate, or in severe cases muscle tremors may be present.

    The easy substitute is our Blackdog Carob Drops! Completely safe for dogs to eat and are super delicious too! They won’t miss out on all the sweets with our yummy carob treats around!

    2. Alcohol

    Dogs are curious animals where they might sniff or even have a lick of alcohol based pudding, eggnog or any delicious meals cooked up. During Christmas dinner, it is best to avoid giving alcohol to your pets. Effects of alcohol in dogs are very similar to what we experience. With excessive alcohol we become drowsy, wobbly and can’t think straight. With dogs, they will experience the same thing except with a higher chance of alcohol poisoning.

    Signs of alcohol poisoning can include vomiting, excessive urination, breathing troubles, trouble standing or walking.

    3. Grapes, Sultanas and Raisins

    The majority of dogs cannot digest grapes, sultanas and raisins as they can be fatal. Family members should be aware of the negative impacts feeding your pup grapes can have on their health. Consuming grapes can lead to kidney failure, often being sudden, but even if not can be extremely fatal.  Unfortunately, the reason grapes are so poisonous to dogs is still unknown, and there is also no exact serving suggestion size that will be safe to consume, so it is best you avoid them all together!

    Symptoms of grape toxicity include vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite, dehydration, excessive urine, or abdominal pain or in some cases death.

    If your dog has consumed any grapes it is vital you contact your vet immediately.

    So while we all love to share our festive food with Baxter under the table, be sure to be careful and educate the family and any visitors as to what is and isn’t so safe to share, otherwise SantaPaws may just leave you a hefty Vet bill this season!!