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    Do you have a perfectly happy woofer?!

    04 May 2021

    In Australia, things are finally back to normal! After several months of both you and your furry pal being stuck in lockdown, your fur baby finally has the chance again to expend their energy by running around the park, mingling with other doggies and eating to their hearts content! Find out how you can tell if your dog is happy!

    One sign that your dog is happy is when their ears are in a relaxed position. Their ears would fall naturally and sit on the sides of their head. This is a very big physical sign that can be quite obvious if you’re curious to know if he is happy or not. All pups are different and not all of them would run around full of energy, some are quite relaxed and content.

    Another sign that you will notice is the close body contact they will have with you! Happy dogs love being close to people to show that they’re happy. It provides them lots of comfort, feels like they can share the happiness with you and at often times make them really content.

    In general, looking at your dog’s body language will help you understand if they are happy or not. Happy dogs have a soft and slightly open mouth.
    Here’s a fun fact! Dog’s open their mouths as a breathing mechanism. They don’t sweat the way we do so opening their mouths allow them to cool their bodies. They do this when they are especially excited and happy!

    Last but not least, a wagging tail is the biggest giveaway to knowing your dog is perfectly content! You will find that when you give your dog some yummy Blackdog treats or you’re just about ready to take them on their daily walkie, that they will be wagging their tails side to side nonstop!