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    Blackdog Barks Back!

    30 June 2021

    Over the many years of providing top quality naturally good treats to the lucky pets of Australia (and beyond), we have also been guilty of having a little side hustle.

    Some may argue ‘little’ and some may argue ‘hustle’ especially when you get to hang out, pat and play with pups all day… but no matter how tough it may be, we get involved.

    Although we have never beaten our chest about it (until now) or slapped it all over our packaging *cough cough*, we have been quietly toiling away in the background and giving back to the amazing community that we love, and who supports us in so many ways.

    So far, we have provided just short of a whopping $4 million in helping hand to many initiatives involved in all aspects of the pet community. By no means is it a competition, and everyone who is able to give back and does should be well commended, we just thought its about time we actually let you know what we do just in case there is anyone out there we don’t already help, but may be able to.

    From donating directly to Not-for-Profit Animal Charities and Organisations, to providing ongoing support and products to Puppy Schools, Responsible Pet Ownership & Education programs, Animal Welfare & Rehoming Organisations and Shelters, and even grass roots Dog and Cat Cub sponsorship for shows, competitions and fundraising… there isn’t a cause we won’t get involved in if we can!

    If you have anything we may be able to help with, suggestions to make, or are just interested in taking a peep at what we get up to or have been involved in, head over to and check it out.

    Because Every tail deserves to Happy Wag!!