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    Our Doggy Deeds in 2022

    As our Blackdog treats continue to bring joy and happiness to dogs and cats alike around Australia, we believe that disadvantaged dogs and cats deserve to be a part of this happiness too! We initiated our journey in giving back to the broader community and are continually donating to animal welfare and rehoming shelters, pet training programs, pet charities and also sponsor community dog and cat clubs.

    One paw at a time….

    Recently, Defence Community Dogs contacted Blackdog about donations of our treats. The donations are for dogs in training to become Assistance Dogs for Veterans with PTSD. We loved the sound of this amazing charity, and jumped at the opportunity on helping them out. A little more background on Defence Community Dogs. Starting off in 2014, […]

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    Spread The Love

    Between June and August of 2020, the Blackdog team initiated a campaign called Spread the Love. The aim of this campaign is to encourage doggies and their dog parents to spread love and show random acts of kindness. The Spread the Love campaign was a giveaway competition that was implemented on Instagram. It involved tasking […]

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    The Best Woofer smile goes to…

    Last year, we were involved in a barkworthy photo competition where we were able to sponsor the Dalmatian Club New Zealand. The competition involved submitting images of their dogs and   entering them into one or all of the following classes: Funniest Sleeping Position Best Smile (dog) Best Friend Action Stations At Blackdog, we love supporting […]

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    PETstock Puppy School

    We are very paw-ssionate about dogs and donating to pet training and educational programs. We believe these programs are a great way for dogs to learn the basic tips and tricks to being a well behaved woofer! As the woof pack continues to grow, we have been donating our treats to PETstock puppy programs to […]

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