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    A Dog’s Outlook

    04 May 2020

    At the beginning of this year there was excitement in the air here at Blackdog. We were working on exciting new products, investing more in our two Victorian based manufacturing facilities, streamlining processes to provide cost savings on shelf and working with our farm suppliers to sure up a good year with great quality product. We were also about to celebrate our 30th anniversary since it all began and have a momentous celebration with our wonderful pet loving community!

    (Apetite Foods Group, Blackdog came later)

    Now, just a few short months later, the world together is experiencing a completely different normal, with little celebration, but a new type of community.

    There are a lot of things to say about the current situation, but not a lot that can truly express the feelings of our great team here at Blackdog HQ. One thing that we can say and have noticed however, is that although we continue to make our products for the worlds pets, we now really get to see the great sense of community that this all brings, as well as a far greater increase in real connection with our loved ones and pets.

    While we have always been about great moments and the pet community, it is usually our own moments with our pets we tend to focus on. Coming home and having Ralphy charge at us, Honey waking in the night and barking at the wind or even noticing the kids count how many circles Josie does on her bed before snuggling up to chew her favourite Blackdog treat.

    None of that has changed, in fact, with the majority of us now confined to or working from home, we are noticing these things a lot more as we pull away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We want to notice these things, the little things, but we want to appreciate them for their simplicity and the joy they bring to our lives, rather than the passing glance they normally get. We want these connections between ourselves, our families and our pets to continue, but we want to see them grow throughout the broader community.

    As this situation continues to unfold, we have thought about what our team is doing to support our fellow employees, the community and the industry we work in and love.

    It is only small in the scheme of things, but we are glad we can continue to operate (albeit differently) and help our retail partners continue to trade through tough times, we are proud that we have increased and continue to provide aid and help to animal welfare organisations, that we have undergone our largest promotional campaign with partners to reduce on shelf prices, and that we get to give our great products to the pets of the world as for all the joy, happiness and beautiful moments they provide for us, they also need some loving too!

    Most animals out there are in their element right now. Their humans never leaving their side and with that brings access to endless belly rubs, ear scratches, cuddles and walks.

    It is amazing to see so many people out walking and exercising with their pets, and taking them to the park every day, and to see how these moments not only benefit our own health but increase the community happiness when out and about. After all, who doesn’t love to see animals playing tag with a tree, or chasing the waves at the beach, or if you are in Melbourne like us, dressed up in their raincoats to stay warm and dry!

    We love our community, we love our pets, and we love that no matter what the circumstances, they bring so much joy and happiness to our lives and right now, we love that they also do that for a whole bunch of the broader community…either at the park or by watching endless hours of YouTube content!