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Bacteria and raw meat diets!

In 2018, a team of Swiss veterinary scientists noticed an odd trend among a sample of dogs and cats. In a group of 64 animals, over half carried spectrum beta-lactamases (EBSL) producing germs. In our modern world, these germs are considered a problem for both pets and people...

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After a little break, an old favourite returns

As a long time staple in the Blackdog product catalogue, there hasn’t been a time where we couldn’t rely on the old Pork Twist for a long chew to entertain our furry family, however we find ourselves sitting by the mailbox longingly. Well wait no more as they have returned!!

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New Product On Shelves: Carobics

What a better time to launch a brand new home grown delicious tempting goodie, than coming into holiday season. Poochies watching their pooty may have to hold the beach bod off for a little while yet, because our new Blackdog Carobics have hit shelves and are ready to be devoured

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New Product Alert: Cannabics

Another totally rad addition to the Blackdog range is our highly functional, superfood biscuit Cannabics. The first of its kind made in Australia, Blackdog Cannabics contain Hemp Seed Oil & Hemp Seed Protein, which have amazing health benefits never before derived all from a single ingredient.

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Something Smells Fishy!

Fish oil and omega-3’s; you often hear these words being thrown around all the time. In humans, we generally associate omega-3 with all things health, so just what is the hype around it, and what benefits do they provide to our pets?

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