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    29 September 2021

    Most dogs get crazily excited when we show them some treats. With the excitement comes fast eating and biting off more than they can chew….

    So what are some great treats that they can scoff down without any issue? Meat balls springs to mind. Such as our Blackdog Chicken and Roo Meat Balls or even our Liver balls. These are super easy to gobble down as they are small and soft, which also makes it a great training reward treat. Some other great bite sized treats from us would be our Sweet Potato and Chicken Wrap or our Chicken Discs. You can’t go wrong with bikkies either, like our Mini Biscuit range which are a smaller version of our much loved oven baked bikkies. These are sure to be a favourite with your furry family and will have them back to their fast paced life in no time. They may even take one for the road!

    What about our pooches that are a bit curious? Some dogs like to keep coming back to things and checking them out (even if nothing changes). In this case long lasting treats are perfect. Blackdog have a huge range of long lasting treats. Puppy clods are a pork femur bone with softer chewable ends and has dried meat still attached, so curious pups will be picking at it for a long time. While you’re at it, check out our Jumbo Pork Rolls and Pork Twists which will keep dogs amused and happy for ages.