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    28 January 2022

    Dog owners are always looking for new treats that will keep their dogs entertained for a long time. It seems durable chews are all the rage at the moment. It could be due to more dog owners working from home and needing to keep their furry pals occupied. Nevertheless, we will be looking at some recent chew innovations that you can consider.

    Collagen Dental Chews are a new and exciting addition to the Blackdog treat range. But what exactly is it made from? Collagen doesn’t just end you up on “Botched”. It can be found throughout our furry friends’ bodies. In their bones, skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. So, what makes a Collagen Dental Chew so great? As you can probably guess from the name it promotes dental health as it helps to keep teeth clean whilst they chew. Additionally collagen can aid in age-related joint pain. As dogs get older they can experience common problems such as arthritis and tendonitis. By incorporating collagen into your dog’s diet it can delay these problems and keep their joints healthy and strong.

    Another chew innovation that Blackdog have recently added to the range is the Braided Beef Jerky. Similar to the Collagen Dental Chew this chew treat is great for teeth cleaning and dental health. Essentially, its dried premium muscle meat braided together, with the unique shape making it easier to clean all those hard to reach places.

    Continuing on the collagen route Blackdog also have Collagen Dental sticks added to the range. These are a great tasting, boredom busting treat to give your pooch. What makes our treats mentioned above different to others out there, is that our treats are all natural and long lasting compared to extruded treats which has most of the nutrients removed in the process. So, you can rest easy knowing that Blackdog treats are good for your fur baby.