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    Nibble on some Kibble

    03 March 2022

    Creepy crawlies in our furry friend’s diet. I don’t think so! Pet owners are increasingly giving their dogs vegetarian and vegan meals, which is no surprise. However, there is now insect-based food that is on the rise. Let’s take a look as to why this might not be as beneficial as meat-based dog food.

    Many people who tend to move towards a vegan or vegetarian diet also apply these diets to their pets. But I think we speak for most people in saying that an insect-based diet is not really a thing for humans. However, with any of these dietary philosophies, we know that our dogs need more protein than we do. So, insect-based dog food might not cut it. Where as a meat-based dog food would be more beneficial.

    When looking at giving your dog a food it’s important to look at the typical analysis. It’s important for dogs to get most of their energy from fat, so fat is an essential ingredient in a dog’s diet. Additionally, protein is an important part of a dog’s food. Things like Chicken, Lamb, Fish and Rice and vegetables are sure to provide dogs with the necessary intake of protein. If only there was a dog food that provided a complete and balanced diet… Well there could be one on the horizon who knows?